About Dr. Zadeh

Dr Nina Zadeh, Cosmetic Dentist

Insight, experience, and dedication.

When looking for a new dentist wouldn’t you like to go to someone your family and friends trust and recommend? How about a dentist who truly shows genuine interest in you as a person? Not only that but in your optimal dental and overall health?

Dr Nina Zadeh is a former UCLA School of Dentistry Lecturer at Restorative Division.

Here in Dana Cosmo Dental,¬†She wants your dental experience to be beyond your expectations. Her entire life she has cared for others and strived to give the best care possible to anyone that came her way. Through all these years her success has been growing solely based on referrals from patients, loved one’s and friends.

She graduated #1 in her class and served as her University’s Valedictorian.Opening her own private state-of-the art dental office here in Dana Point, one of the world’s most prestigious and beautiful cities in southern part of Orange County was not an easy task but Dr. Nina Zadeh wouldn’t want it any other way. Having patients come to her office solely because of word of mouth is truly an inspiration and makes what she considers her passion worthwhile.

She has completed the Aesthetic Continuum course in UCLA. She has been practicing and perfecting her patient’s smiles and giving 5-star care and service to every patient she has seen for over a decade in San Diego region serving in a very busy dental clinic as a Managing Dentist.

What makes me most passionate about the dental field is that I get to work on Smiles,
restore Smiles, deal with Smiles, IT’S ALL ABOUT SMILES!
Dr Nina

Dr Nina Zadeh D.D.S.
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